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Atrophic Scars And What You Need to Know


Atrophic scars are scarring that occurs when the tissues in the underlying skin do not regenerate, leading to an indented look.

Atrophic scars are caused by acne which is known to affect up to 80% of the global population [1]

-Is a treatable medical condition
-May last permanently if left untreated
-May require laser treatment or surgical procedures

Atrophic scars are post-acne scars characterized by a form of indentation on the skin. There are mainly three types of atrophic scars which are ice pick scars, boxcar scars, and rolling scars. Causes of this scarring involve chickenpox, having a mole removed. Atrophic scars happen also due to papule, pustule, and cysts, which break the follicle wall through ruptures and destroy healthy tissue. Sometimes the scarring may become permanent which is why early treatment is recommended.


The most common symptoms of atrophic scarring are pitted areas and sunken appearances on the skin.

People also experience
Scars that look like deep pores
Scarring with the edges not being distinct
Chickenpox scars with indentations and well-defined edges


Self-care: You can use hygiene products or skincare products which contain glycolic acid to help with atrophic scarring.
Medications: Atrophic scarring treatments which are medically prescribed by doctors range from chemical peels, fillers, punch excision, and subcision.
Specialists: Treatments for atrophic scars may need to be repeated or changed up to see results. At mfine, our healthcare experts can take a look at your condition and draft the best possible treatment plan for maximum results.

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