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Is Apocrine Miliaria Common?


Apocrine miliaria which is also known as Fox-Fordyce disease is a skin condition that retains sweat inside the glands, and it can mostly affect parts of the body such as the:
- Underarms
- Pubic region
- Nipples
An extremely rare condition that affects mostly women between the ages of 13 and 35 [1]
These are the only regions in the human body that possess the apocrine glands, which are the only type of glands that can cause this condition.
The most common causes for a flare-up of this condition are:
- Genetics
- Change in the components of sweat
- Rapid hormonal changes.
Here are other important things to remember about Apocrine Miliaria
- It is not a contagious condition.
- The treatment is dependent on the cause and treatment method.


The symptoms of Apocrine Miliaria include:
- Palpable lesions on all hair follicles in the affected area
- Lichenification of the skin
- Lack of sweat
- Inflammation of the skin
Self-diagnosable: This condition is not self-diagnosable, doctors take clinical history and the appearance of the rash into consideration when diagnosing the condition
People may Experience
- Itchiness
- Burning
- Darkened skin


Self-care: This condition can affect you due to numerous reasons; for accurate self-care advice please seek the help of a doctor as the self-care changes are based on the cause of the condition.
Medications: Doctors recommend a variety of medication such as antiandrogenic hormonal therapy, clindamycin solutions, topical steroids, and topical retinoids. They may also prescribe antibiotics.
Specialists: The best person to diagnose, manage, and treat this condition is a dermatologist. Find the best dermatologists from the comfort of your living room on mfine.

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