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Experiencing Patchy Beard Hair Loss?Take A Look


Alopecia barbae is a men’s health issue and an autoimmune disorder due to which there is a hair loss in beard area in men.

This condition can be hereditary.
It is observed that 1 in 5 people experiencing this has a family member who has experienced this condition. [1]

- Maybe chronic or acute
- Medical diagnosis is required
- Treatable by medical professionals

Mostly seen in middle-aged males and it is mostly localized along the jawline. This condition arises when your immune system attacks your own hair follicles by being overly activated. Commonly, there may be just one or two patches but in some, this can be extensive.


- Patchy hair loss
- Smooth visible skin
- Inflammation in the bald spot
- Falling out of coin-sized patches of hair
- Sudden loss of hair
- Itching and burning in the beard area


In most of the men, this condition may develop suddenly in just a few days or weeks. Since there is no damage caused to hair follicles apart from inflammation, as the inflammation subsided the hair re-grows spontaneously and full recovery can be expected within a year.
In some, this may occur in a continuous cycle of hair loss and regrowth. For such there are creams and pills available in the market.


The dermatologist may suggest using some kind of corticosteroid cream and in extensive cases, even systematic corticosteroids.

Consult your dermatologist for medical advice. At mfine, we help you decide a treatment plan through online consultancies.

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