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Dealing with Allergic Skin Rashes? Read This to Know Bettr


A skin rash caused by a reaction to food, medicine, or other irritants.

It affects up to 25% of the general population.[1]

- Usually self-treatable
- Usually self-diagnosable
- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
- Short-term: resolves within days to weeks

Also known as hives, urticaria begins with rashes that often itch. The itching can be caused or increased due to a reaction from medicines, scratching, exercising, alcoholic beverages, or emotional stressing. These rashes or welts can appear on any part of the body and usually fades away within 24 hours or so. A bout of hives, called acute hives, may stay for as long as six weeks. If it takes longer than that, then the condition is called chronic hives.

Ages affected: Ages between 6 and 60+: most often, between 0 and 6: often


Symptoms include itchy, raised, red, or skin-colored welts on the skin's surface.

People may experience:
Skin: A raised area of skin, swelling, or inflammation in response to touch
Also common: Itching, or flare


Self-care: Avoid medication, especially antibiotics, aspirin, and antibiotics, and ask your doctor for safer alternatives. Use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and pain sensations.

Medication: Anti-inflammatory medicines can be taken to reduce swelling, while antihistamines can be used to control the pain. Steroids may be of use in case of hormonal changes. Desensitization may be required in some cases.

Specialists: In case of medical emergencies, contact an allergist. At mfine, we provide smart prescriptions that are updated with dietary and medicinal requirements as per your needs.

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