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Acute pain in the abdomen: Symptoms, causes, and treatments


Acute abdominal pain as the name suggests is a condition where there is severe pain in the abdomen.

Acute abdominal pain is of specific concern in individuals who are extremely young or extremely old, in people with HIV, and those on medications to suppress the immune system.

  • Usually, acute abdominal pain is an indicator of an underlying medical
  • condition that might be affecting one of the organs in the abdominal region.
  • It requires a proper medical diagnosis.
  • Lab tests and imaging might be required.
  • It can be treated by a medical practitioner.

Some of the common causes of severe abdominal pain include a ruptured appendix, gallstones, kidney infection, kidney stones, etc. It is essential to consult a professional if the abdominal pain is severe and does not subside within a day.


  • The main symptom of acute abdominal pain is severe pain in the abdominal region as implied by the name.
  • This includes the area from the chest to the groin and the pain could become worse with time.
  • The type of pain experienced may differ depending on the underlying health reason.
  • The pain can vary between crampy, sharp, intermittent, achy, dull or sharp.



Self-care: Hot and cold compressions can help relieve the pain. It is best to avoid spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol. Small meals should be consumed.

Medications: Over-the-counter medications can help relieve pain to an extent. In the case of severe pain that lasts for hours and doesn’t subside, it is important to get in touch with your doctor.

Specialists: On most occasions, acute abdominal pain is a sign of a major underlying problem and in some cases, surgery may be required. It is important to consult a specialist if the pain doesn't resolve within twenty-four hours and also if the severity increases. A doctor must be consulted to diagnose the causative ailment that is resulting in the pain.

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