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Skin tags and their treatment

Basics About Acrochordon: To Treat Acrochordon


Growth on the skin that is painless and non-cancerous.
It is a common and benign skin condition that is found in individuals who suffer from obesity.

  • Causes and Treatment for Acrochordon
  • Effective ways of removing Acrochordon:
  • Cryotherapy – liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin tag.
  • Surgical removal- scissors or scalpel is used to remove the skin tag.
  • Electrosurgery- electric energy is used in high frequency to burn off the skin tag.
  • Ligation- A surgical thread is used to tie the skin tag and cut the blood flow thus removing the skin tag safely.

It is not advisable to remove the skin tags on your own. There are many websites that offer DIY instructions to remove skin tags by either tying them with a string or with an application of a chemical ointment. Removal of skin tags will often result in bleeding, infections or even burns. Hence, only professional removal is recommended.


Skin tags can be flesh colored or darker if the blood flow is disturbed or if it is twisted. It is a soft and round growth of about 2mm in size or sometimes larger.
People may experience

  • Irritation while rubbing against cloth, other skin or jewelry.
  • Treatment
  • Self Care
  • \Wash the skin tag prone area. Apply tea tree oil, banana peel, apple cider
  • vinegar or garlic to help the skin tag fall off.

Over the counter products such as TagBand and Skinprov will make the skin tag fall off.
If there is no response to the home remedies and medical treatments, consult with our specialists at mfine for treating the skin tags and get rid of them immediately.

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