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Is Your Child Facing Acne Problems? Here’s What You Should Know


Acneiform eruption milia are the tiny white bumps that commonly appear on an infant’s face.

Milia occur in 40 % of newborn babies.[1]

  • Usually self-treatable
  • Requires a medical diagnosis
  • Lab tests or imaging rarely required
  • Short-term: resolves within days to weeks

Milia (plural for milium) is a type of acneiform eruption that develops when keratin gets trapped in small pockets near the surface of the skin. Milia are often white in color and commonly spotted on the brow, glabella (above the eyebrow), and nose in newborn infants and tend to disappear quickly and spontaneously. Although uncommon in the case of older children or adolescents, it may precede acne and can develop on or around the eyelids. It is also mistaken for “baby acne”, which can be a hormonal trigger and has to do with the child’s mother. Unlike baby acne, milia don’t cause inflammation, itching, or swelling, and are harmless. It is very rare to have complications associated with milia.

Ages affected: Ages between 0 and 2: most often; between 3 and 40: less often



Symptoms include tiny white facial bumps, which can occur with or without cause.

People may experience:

  • Facial bumps: Usually on the baby’s nose, cheeks, or chin
  • Also common: Skin rashes in some cases


Milia usually gets better on its own and rarely requires any treatment.

Specialists: For medical emergencies, consult a pediatrician or a neonatologist.
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