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Acne keloidalis: Overview, symptoms, and treatment


It is a constant condition where individuals get bothersome knocks on the back of the neck and scalp.

Roughly 25% of grown-up men and 50% of grown-up ladies experience Acne keloidalis. The causes can run from fluctuating hormones.

  • Scratching, rubbing, or shaving the rear of your neck could cause.
  • The knocks may result in thickened scars and fixes of balding.
  • It is most basic in youthful

AKN is described by firm pink or tissue shaded hyperpigmented knocks in the skin, which are typically situated on the back of the back of the neck. This is predominantly on the ground that men frequently trim their hair low rather than ladies, enabling the hair to prick the occipital scalp along these lines causing bothering.

Ages affected - between 14 to 25 years most often; above 25 years – often


Symptoms include little firm knocks, pimples, occipital scalp all of which are reasons to consult a dermatologist.

Symptoms of acne keloidalis may include

• Occipital scalp and little firm knocks and pimples.
• Inflammation in the scalps


Making sure vesture and instrumentation, like high collars and helmets, don't rub the rear of the neck and avoid a brief or razor haircut.

Different types of optical maser medical aid are accustomed to treating skin problem keloidalis nuchae. Gentle cases of the condition are often treated effectively by exploitation of optical maser hair removal. Optical maser and lightweight medical aid work by decreasing the inflammatory response and destroying the follicle.

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