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A Guide To Having a Scar-free After a Facial Abrasion


Open wound, resulting from grazing of skin and associated injuries.

A fall, strike or collision by a blunt object are the most common causes of abrasion, especially among children. [3]

Most commonly affected areas apart from face include elbows, knees, ankles, and upper extremities.
Painful, especially in case of exposed nerve endings in the skin.

Rubbing the skin against rough surfaces, resulting in the scraping of the area in contact with the said surface is the leading cause of abrasion.


People may experience the following symptoms based on the severity of abrasion suffered:

First-degree: a scrape or graze; superficial damage to the epidermis; mild with no bleeding.

Second-degree: damages the dermis (lower layer), along with the superficial epidermis; could bleed mildly.

Third-degree: referred to as avulsion wound; damage to the tissues beneath the dermis; could cause profuse bleeding, suggested treatment by medical professional.


Self-treatment is sufficient in most mild to intermediate levels of abrasion.

Self-care: Ensure that the bleeding is stopped, clean with lukewarm water and bangade the area or apply a band-aid to prevent any further damage through exposure or rubbing. If bleeding continues, it should be controlled with gauge or medicated bandage.

Medication: A medium to deep wound should be cleaned using antiseptic cleaners. For a bleeding wound, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment as well.

Specialist: In case of severe or incessant bleeding, medical help and diagnosis must be sought. Special care about scarring and infections needs to be taken, under expert surveillance, as the face is very susceptible to skin based infections and damages.
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