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Ischemic Heart Disease: Symptoms and Treatment


Ischemic heart disease is a condition in which the heart does not receive sufficient blood.

13.7 million people in the United States suffer from Coronary Heart Disease. [1]

-Symptoms in early stages might not be there
-Testing is required
-Treatment is available
-Can be chronic

Ischemic Heart Disease causes discomfort or pain. Most often this occurs when we are exerted or excited as the heart requires more blood at this time. The cholesterol particles which are present in the blood may start to get accumulated on the walls of the arteries thereby leading to this condition. They cause deposits which block the flow of the blood reducing supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.


Symptoms of Ischemic Heart Disease may include:

● Chest Pain: A feeling of tightness in the chest
● Shortness of Breath: When the heart pumps less blood than the body’s need, there may be a shortness of breath
● Heart Attack: A completely blocked artery can even cause a heart attack


Self-care: Exercising regularly, quitting smoking, eating healthy, reducing stress, and losing excess weight can help cure Ischemic Heart Disease.

Medications: A doctor may prescribe cholesterol modifying medications to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood; aspirin to reduce the tendency of the blood to clot; Beta-blockers to slow the heart rate and reduce the blood pressure.

Specialists: Because early stages do not show any major symptoms, one should consult a specialist when there is even slight discomfort. At mfine, you will find the correct guidance that you require.

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