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Infective Pericarditis: Symptoms and Treatment


Severe chest pain around the heart caused due to inflammation of the fibrous sac around it.

If left untreated, this condition can lead to a heart attack. [1]

- Treatable by medical professionals.
- Requires medical diagnosis.
- Can be medically treated
- Lab tests and imaging are required.
- Medium-term: Can be cured within a few months.

Infective Pericarditis is a fungal infection that affects the pericardium (a thin membrane that protects your heart) and can cause inflammation in this membrane. Infective Pericarditis is caused when a certain bacteria enters the pericardium infecting it. According to studies, men aged between 16 and 65 are more likely to get affected by this condition.


If you suffer from Infective Pericarditis, you may notice the following symptoms,
- Not Self-Diagnosable – Causes severe pain in your chest while breathing.
-Difficulty in breathing while lying down.
- Fever and fatigue.
- Swollen abdomen.


Self-care: Bed rest is necessary.
- Elevating the head while lying can reduce chest pain

Medications: Antibiotics and over-the-counter pain relievers help in treating the infection.

Specialists: Seek immediate medical attention from your doctor if your condition turns out to be severe.
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