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Holter Monitor and Event Monitor

What is Holter Monitor and Event Monitor?

It is a device that is generally battery operated, , which is used to monitor the activity of your heart such as heart rate and rhythm. This is used to give additional information regarding your heart in addition to routine Electrocardiogram (ECG) tests. Doctors generally advise you wear it for 24 to 48 h during which the device records all your heartbeats.

When is Holter Monitor Recommended?

If you have symptoms like irregular heartbeat, unexplained fainting, or dizziness, then you are asked to undergo an ECG. However, an ECG is ineffective in showing the long-term symptoms or patterns of irregularities as ECG shows only instantaneous results. If your symptoms suggest that they are being caused by irregular heartbeats, your doctor advises you to wear a Holter monitor. A Holter monitor may also be recommended in cases where your symptoms may lead to irregular heartbeats.

Preparing for a Holter monitor test

There are no risks involved with wearing a Holter monitor other than possible discomfort or skin irritation. Have a bath, before placing the monitor as most monitors can not be removed and have to avoid contact with moisture.

You are required to keep a track of your activities and onset of symptoms during the entire time when the monitor is placed on your chest. In general, a form is given to record your activities.

Understanding Holter monitor results

The results from a Holter monitor and your activity generally help your doctor identify any underlying causes of heart condition. This data helps the doctor to prescribe the right medications or change the dosages accordingly.

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