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What is a Heart Transplant?


A damaged or diseased heart requires a transplant with a healthy heart to ensure survival. It is an end case scenario to save the life of the patient when everything else has failed. It requires a proper medical opinion.

When is a Heart Transplant recommended?

Heart transplants are recommended for patients who have undergone other reparative medicines or surgeries but have experienced insufficient improvement with their illness. It is performed when no other option is available to avoid heart failure. Heart transplants are required by individuals who experience heart failure due to coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, and weakening of the heart muscles, etc.

Preparing for a Heart Transplant

The surgery can be performed by a medical professional such as a Cardiac surgeon. The surgery is a crucial procedure to ensure the survival of the patient and many drugs are administered before, during and after the surgery to manage symptoms. The procedure for the heart transplant is based on three surgeries; harvesting the heart from the donor, removing the diseased heart from the patient and, replacing the healthy heart with the damaged one.

Understanding the results of a Heart Transplant

Infections and rejection of donor's heart are few of the most common reasons of death post heart transplant. A heart transplant is a risky procedure that could have serious consequences and hence accurate monitoring and medication to control and counter these risks are critical.
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