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Answers To Queries Regarding Electrocardiogram?

What is Electrocardiogram?

An electric impulse passes through our hearts with each beat and causes pumping of the blood. An Electrocardiogram is a test to assess this functioning of heart and screen for heart-diseases. About 10-15 electrodes with ends as metal flats, sticky patches, or suction cups are attached to different body parts such as legs, arms, chest, etc. while the patient lies still. The sensors on the electrodes record the electrical activity of the heart, and a computer analyzes and displays it on a graph paper.

When is Electrocardiogram recommended?

One may be required to have this test where he has had heart disease or conditions and symptoms that make him vulnerable to heart problems. These include high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, chest pain, lightheadedness, breathlessness, recurrent dizziness, and fainting, or symptoms of stroke, i.e., vision changes, communication problems,
numbness, and weakness.

Preparing for Electrocardiogram

Greasy and oily creams and lotions shouldn’t be applied on the day of the test. Some men may have to remove their chest hair for better contact of the electrodes with the skin. Wear loose clothing as you’ll have to remove them from certain parts. You may have to abstain from caffeine if you have rapid heartbeats.
Bring your ID, test order form, payment, and without carrying valuables. Confirm the costs beforehand.

Understanding results of Electrocardiogram

The report consists of tracing of waves of definite shapes. They are P waves, QRS-complex, ST segment, and T wave. There are also QT and PT and intervals between QRS-complex, and T and P waves, respectively. A short QT hints of increased calcium levels. Your doctor can best explain to you his findings from the report and your medical history.

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