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Everything To Know About Diastolic Dysfunction


When there is an abnormality in the diastole part of the heart, it is known as diastolic dysfunction.

Approximately, 25% of the population above 40 years of age have been affected by this condition. [1]

Not self-diagnosable.
Requires ECG and other laboratory tests for diagnosis.
Can happen to both men and women.

Diastolic dysfunction or diastolic heart failure is a condition when your left heart ventricle becomes stiffer than normal. Grade 3 level diastolic dysfunction is a severe form of this disease leading to symptoms of advanced heart failure. Causes include high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and coronary artery disease.

Age affected: Commonly happens to people above 70 years of age.


Fatigue, weakness, and tiredness.
Swelling in feet, ankles, abdomen, and legs.
Irregular or fast heartbeat.
Dizziness or confusion.
Urinating more often at night.


Self-care: To ease symptoms, you might be recommended to regularly exercise and eat a wholesome diet to attain a healthy weight. Apart from that, your doctor might ask you to quit smoking to have a healthy heart.

Medications: Your doctor can prescribe medicines for high blood pressure or other related medication to ease symptoms.

Specialists: For better understanding, you can consult a cardiologist at mfine, and begin your treatment in under 60 seconds.

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