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What is Carotid Ultrasound?

What is Carotid Ultrasound?

The Carotid Ultrasound, also referred to as Carotid Doppler technique is an uncomplicated procedure using audio waves to evaluate the passage of blood through carotid arteries and to check for obstructions in them.
The Doppler ultrasound technique makes use of audio waves which track mobile objects to assess blood flow through the vessels.
When is Carotid Ultrasound recommended?
Any impediment in the carotid arteries due to cholesterol or other factors is a major precursor for a cardiac arrest. When symptoms such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, difficulty in moving legs or arms or symptoms of coronary artery disease are observed in a patient, a carotid ultrasound is the best method to add credibility to those doubts.

Additional applications of carotid ultrasound encompass locating lumps of clotted blood which obstruct passage of blood, analyze the efficacy of a stent, etc.
Preparing for Carotid Ultrasound
Doctors usually ask the patient to abstain from smoking or ingesting caffeine in the hours leading to the ultrasound. Patients are also advised to wear comfortable clothing and keep their body free of any jewelry or other cosmetic add – on.
The ultrasound lasts just a while after which the doctor may give additional instructions.

Understanding Carotid Ultrasound results
Commonly, a radiologist is the one in charge of preparing a report which lists the necessary statistics and analyses of the cardiac system constituents. Once the report is ready, the doctor discusses it with the patient and lets him/her know if there are any complications to be taken care of.

The chances of a heart attack are plotted by this ultrasound and if a patient has a possibility of suffering from one, the doctor may give further instructions revolving lifestyle changes, or about surgeries which could help the symptoms subside.
In the case of vague or obscure results from the ultrasound, the doctor may ask a CTA or MRI scan to be performed.

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