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Atypical Chest Pain: A Clear Explanation


Pain in the chest area, which is not due to heart-problems or of burning quality.

Chest pain is felt by around 40% of people suffering from panic disorders.[1]

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Medical diagnosis is required
- Lab tests and imaging often required
- Can often be chronic

Atypical chest pain is usually related to panic disorder or anxiety. As a response to stress or anxiety, physiological reactions take place, in which the body tightens and grows tense, leading to atypical chest-pain. Gastroesophageal reflux or esophageal motility issues may also induce atypical chest pain.



Not only the symptoms vary from person to person, they are different in same person in sometimes.

People experience
Chest pain: that is sharp and throbbing
Tightness: in the chest
Spasm: or a chest-muscle twitching
Applying pressure on area of pain increases or triggers it
Persistent aching: could be burning or dull
Changing positions: relieves or worsens pain
Exertion: not normally


Self-help: Take deep breaths and visualize things that calm you. Talk about your situation with those who can help and take care of physical health by eating well and exercising.

Medications: Anxiety medications can help with chest pain, while the entire situation is taken hold of.

Specialists: When the pain is severe or becoming chronic, therapist should be sought immediately. With the coping techniques and management sessions, people usually get relief. mfine is there to support you through times crucial for your health; take our hand to benefit from the best doctors and hassle-free programmes.

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