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Women At Higher Risk Than Men For Coronary Heart Disease: Study

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A recent study suggested that coronary heart disease is rapidly increasing among women than men in India. Also known as ischemic heart disease, coronary heart disease(CHD) is the most important cause of disease burden and death in Indian women.

CHD develops when the heart’s blood supply gets blocked by a build-up of fatty substances in the coronary arteries (major blood vessels that supply blood to the heart). These fatty substances are cholesterol-containing deposits known as plaque. 

Menopausal women more at risk

The study also found that premenopausal women are protected from CHD due to a combination of lifestyle and hormonal influences. But after this period, CHD occurs at the same rate in women and men and the risk is higher among older women. Cardiovascular diseases are endemic in India and other studies have revealed that mortality from cardiovascular diseases, including CHD, has increased rapidly in the last 2 decades with higher prevalence in women.

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We have noticed that young women are consulting cardiologists now more so than ever. Moreover, our data also reveals that there is an increased incidence of symptoms of heart diseases in women between 30-50 years of age. The statistics are alarming and we need to find a solution for it.”

一Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri, General Physician at MFine

Telemedicine improves care for heart patients

These statistics on heart diseases are alarming and the care community would like to do more to help manage them. But the truth is that sometimes it can be challenging to help patients manage heart disease properly as most of the treatment and lifestyle changes happen outside the hospital doors. Telemedicine has shown to improve treatment for people who have chronic health conditions, including those who have heart disease. This technology can assist patients to monitor their vital signs remotely on a daily basis, easing the workload of doctors and, thereby improving care. Apart from remote monitoring, telemedicine can also help to cut readmission rates for heart patients that require continuous monitoring.

Awareness is the first step

Certain lifestyle risk factors have a greater association with deaths related to CHD in women as compared to men. These are–obesity, physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, tobacco consumption, passive smoking, chronic periodontitis.

The first step in preventing heart diseases is awareness. A heart-healthy diet, daily exercise and stress-relieving practices can decrease the risk of heart problems in women. It is also important to go for regular health checks and consult a doctor as soon as you notice any unusual symptom.”

一Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri, General Physician at MFine

The importance of screening and early detection

It is said prevention is better than cure thus heart tests are helpful for people who want to prevent the development of any heart diseases and make lifestyle changes based on the findings. If you want to live long and healthy, it is important that you keep your heart healthy. You may not be able to control certain risk factors like age or family history but you can control other factors like diet, regular exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. It is also crucial that you get routine health checks and consult a doctor in case you notice any new symptoms. Find the best doctors in your city on MFine.

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