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Why Should You Go For The Fever Panel?

Samya Ghosal

If you feel the onset of fever along with other symptoms, then you should definitely go for the fever panel.

What is a fever?

Fever is an increase in body temperature which is mostly caused by some form of the disease. Fever is a general sign that something is wrong with the body. Fever is certainly uncomfortable, but it is not a reason for alarm unless it’s as high as 103 F. For babies, any kind of fever is a sign of serious infection. Fevers generally subside within a few days and there are some OTC medicines to fight it.

What are the causes of fever?

Fever can be caused by-

Why is a fever panel important?

Fever is usually a sign of infection. If fever is accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and appearance of rashes, then it can point towards something serious like dengue. A fever panel can identify the presence of infection and allows the doctor to suggest correct medication and treatment. 

What happens in a fever panel?

CBC: A fever panel consists of a CBC or complete blood count test and a test for dengue(as this can be a common undiagnosed condition). A complete blood count takes into account Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin. 

Dengue test: This test helps to confirm the presence of dengue by checking for the marker proteins. 

Why should you take a fever panel?

If you feel the onset of fever along with other symptoms, then you should definitely get tested. Signs of infections if ignored can become very serious. Once you get tested, the doctor will help you treat your condition and will advise you on how to manage your health better.

How to book a fever panel online?

You can easily book a fever panel online through the mfine app. You can get your tests done conveniently at your home. Download the mfine app and connect with highly experienced doctors near you.

The email ID needs to be in the form of xxx@yyy.zzz

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