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Why Should You Go For A Cardiac Panel?

Binish Ahmed

A cardiac panel can help detect a heart disease at the earliest.

What is a panel?

A cardiac panel or risk assessment test can help detect a heart disease at the earliest so that the best care is provided to prevent further complications.These types of tests are also known as heart screening tests.

What are the risk factors of heart diseases?

There are multiple factors that determine who is at risk and who isn’t. Some of the important risk factors of cardiac diseases are age, family history, lifestyle factors like weight, diet, smoking, exercise frequency, and other already existing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

What are some common symptoms of a cardiovascular illness?

  • Chest pain
  • Pain in neck, shoulder, jaw, upper abdomen or back
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Numbness or weakness in limbs

What does a cardiac panel measure?

The following parameters are measured in a cardiac panel:

Blood glucose levels: Measures the amount of sugar present in the blood before and after a meal. High levels of blood sugar can indicate diabetes, which can be a major factor leading to cardiac disease. 

Cardiac risk markers: Helps determine the risk of heart diseases.

Blood pressure: Measures the force of blood against the walls in the blood vessels. Your systolic(the higher number) and your diastolic(the lower number) can be measured by a device called the sphygmomanometer. 

Lipid profile: Measures the amount of cholesterol in the body. High levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) may cause blockages in the artery, thus requiring immediate intervention.

Why should you go for a cardiac panel?

It is said prevention is better than cure thus a heart check up is helpful for people who want to prevent the development of any heart diseases and make lifestyle changes based on the findings.

How to book an cardiac panel online?

You can easily book a cardiac risk assessment online through the mfine app and get your tests done conveniently at your home. Download the mfine app and connect with highly experienced cardiologists near you.

The email ID needs to be in the form of xxx@yyy.zzz

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