4 Effective Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

Dr. Bhavani A

Here are some summer health tips that’ll help you and your family from falling prey to these seasonal changes.

The transition is slow, but it’s begun. With the changing of the seasons, your body is also most likely to undergo changes.

Here are some summer health tips that’ll help you and your family from falling prey to these seasonal changes.

Beat The Heat With H2O

We are way too busy to do anything, even to drink water! Lack of water not only causes dehydration but it also leads to headaches, fatigue, constipation, skin disorders, and increased stress levels.

You can try these tricks to make sure you are hydrated.

  • Have a glass of drinking water before you have your beer.
  • Keep a reminder on alarm or an app that’ll help you stay hydrated even in your busy schedule.
  • Make sure you drink at least 3 liters in a day.
  • Take a shot of drinking water every time you feel like having a smoke. You can play this ‘drinking water’ game in various situations that suit your lifestyle.

Say ‘Yes’ To Sunscreen

Sun’s radiations are harmful and can damage your skin from within. Most prominent damages are premature aging, sunburns, and even skin cancer. Research has shown that ultraviolet rays of any kind can contribute to the development of skin cancer.

From decreasing the risk of skin cancer to preventing the harmful effects of sun’s rays, your sunscreen does it all. This summer, make sure you wear your sunscreen without fail. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Dermatologists recommend you to use a sunscreen or a sunblock cream with SPF of at least 15. This coating absorbs the UV rays before it penetrates into the skin.

Exercise At The Comfort Of Your Home

You may not know this but when you exercise your body releases happy hormones called ‘endorphins’. These happy hormones reduce stress levels, fight anxiety and depression, and improve your mood.

It’s too hot to step outside. Gym is just too far away. That’s no reason for you to skip exercising altogether. Choose the most simplest of the exercises such as walking and aerobics and try them at home. Commit to 1 hour of daily exercise.

Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep and good health go hand in hand. It’s important that you have a good night’s sleep so that your body can repair and feel refreshed for the next day. An average adult should get at least 7 hours of sleep, every night.

Most adults wake up feeling just as tired as they did when they went to bed. This summer, leave all your worries behind, and go to bed with a sound mind. It’s essential that you get the right amount of sleep for your health and well-being.

The above-mentioned tips are easy to implement in your daily routine. Along with these, remember to assess your own health this season, and stay healthy. Happy Summer!!

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