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A Look At Obesity And How To Beat It

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Obesity is a complicated medical condition that is associated with an excess amount of body fat. Not only can it cause body image issues, but obesity also increases the risks of a variety of other conditions such as- 

Obesity can be tough to manage as it is caused by multiple factors such as genes, lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, stress, and living environments. Even a little bit of weight  loss through diet and exercise goes a long way in improving health.

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The risks of obesity in women are higher, but men are not that far behind and the prevalence of obesity is almost the same in both genders. Obesity can occur at any age, even in children. The risks, however, increase with age due to the body going through hormonal changes and lifestyle changes with less activity. 

An obesity risk assessment can help you determine the reasons of being overweight & measures you can take to deal with it.

Treatment and management

The aim of any obesity treatment plan is to maintain a healthy weight. Consultation with a  dietitian can help in making better choices about eating habits and lifestyle. 

Following a proper diet and getting regular exercise are two of the most crucial ingredients of obesity treatment.

Making better diet choices include-

  • Cutting down on calories 
  • Avoiding processed food, trans fats, and foods containing bad cholesterol and high carbohydrates  
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Picking healthier foods to eat such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Picking lean sources of protein such as soy, beans and lentils and lean meats like fish
  • Taking smaller portions of food

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To ensure your organ health is not affected by alcohol, it is important for regular consumers to get an alcohol risk assessment done.

While exercising regularly at the gym and engaging in sports will greatly help, even making healthier choices in everyday life will have its benefits. For example, being physically active, taking the stairs instead of elevators, rounding up household chores and walking whenever possible.

Routine monitoring of weight and being consistent with diet and exercise is key to beating obesity. Obesity as a health condition might feel tough to conquer but, remaining consistent with a healthy and active lifestyle along with consultation with a dietitian will reduce body fat and remove the risks of serious health complications. 

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When it comes to health, knowing is awesome. To know more about your body, book a health checkup with us today.

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