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Health Check-ups Are One Missed Call Away

Binish Ahmed

Tired of booking an appointment & waiting in queues for a health test?

Tired of booking an appointment and waiting in queues for a health test? Worry no more! Get a health check-up done by just giving a missed call.

Getting a health-check has never been easier. With mfine you can now get your health tests done from the comfort of your home.

Give a missed call on 9590 33 00 33 and book a test now!

Why you should go for regular health check-ups?

A health test is a window to your health status. A routine health check-up can help detect warning signs and help find problems before they start. The earlier the symptoms are detected, the better the chances of treatment.

Therefore, regular health checks not only help in ruling out health issues, but also help in finding potential problems that may likely develop in the future. Do not wait till you fall sick. 

Health test is just one call away

Here’s a step-by-step guide to booking a health test with mfine:

    •       Just give a missed call to 9590 33 00 33 or select the desired test via the mfine app.
    •       Choose a time slot for sample collection as per your convenience.
    •       A qualified lab technician will come to your house.
    •       Your sample will be collected and analysed.
  •       Your reports will be available online within 48 hours.
  •       Get a free consultation with our senior doctor based on your results.

How we take care of your health?

Getting regular health check-ups can help in finding problems before they begin. Similarly, a routine doctor consultation can help in finding potential health issues and providing timely treatment before it becomes serious

At mfine, your appointment with the senior doctor will be based on your test results. The consultation won’t be a one-size-fits-all approach, instead it will be personalized according to your lifestyle and healthcare needs.

To add icing on the cake, mfine digitally stores all your test results and health records on the app. Now get access to your health diaries at any time, any place without any hassle.

How we provide quality healthcare?

mfine collaborates with trustworthy lab partners like Thyrocare, Healthians, and Pathcare among others. All our lab technicians are certified and well-trained.

We also ensure the safety and integrity of the collected samples by storing them in a straight position in a sterile chiller box. They are maintained in a sterilized cold chain until it reaches the lab for testing. The samples are tested at state-of-the-art laboratories and documented using a unique barcode for every person.

Give a missed call on 9590 33 00 33 

As you can see, getting lab tests done at home has never been easier. Health check-ups are practically one call away.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and give a missed call on 9590 33 00 33 and book a health check-up with mfine. Your health is in your hands, literally!


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