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Woke Up With A Hangover? Here’s What To Do

Shezaad Dastagir

Hate hangovers? Then you’ll love these hacks.

With the new year and new year’s eve parties around every corner, chances are, you might be hitting the bar for a drink or two. Now, there’s only one sure-shot way of avoiding a hangover; don’t drink! Although there is no magical hangover cure, if you’re planning on ringing in the new year with the help of a little buzz, here are some handy hangover hacks you’d want to remember the morning after.

Get some shut-eye

When you’re hungover, your body is reacting to the effects of alcohol. Which is why it’s important to give your body an opportunity to recover. It’s best to stay in bed for as long as it takes for you to start feeling better – even an extra hour or two of sleep will help tremendously.

Rehydrate your body

Alcohol dehydrates your body and the best way to feel better is to rehydrate it. A glass of water once you wake up and a fresh one over the next few hours will help. Just be sure not to overdo it, because too much water can end up making you feel worse. Alternatively, you can stay hydrated by drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juices. 

Eat something

Food may seem like the last thing you want right now, but it does help, and it doesn’t have to be a lot. Stick to foods that are easy to digest and that are rich in minerals and proteins. Begin with something bland, like a piece of bread or a few crackers. If that stays down, try something with a little more substance like a fruit. 

Avoid caffeine

Coffee will only dehydrate your body which may end up worsening your headache. This is the opposite of what you want right now. Even though it may be tempting to sip on a hot cuppa as soon as you’re up, it is not the best idea. Alternatively, you could make yourself a cup of sweetened tea. The sugar and caffeine will give you a slight boost without dehydrating your body too much since most teas contain less caffeine than coffee.

Get some exercise

Standing up may seem like a task, but with a little willpower, you can help restore your body and mind through exercise. It increases your metabolism and helps flush out toxins a little faster. But keep in mind to keep your exercise light as sweating can dehydrate your body further. Even a short walk outdoors to get some fresh air can work wonders for your hangover. 

Take a shower

A refreshing shower will not only clean you up but will wake up your senses and freshen you up. Although some people like to switch between cold and hot water while taking a shower, it’s not suggested, as this could do even more damage to your system. A lukewarm shower will suffice and will increase blood circulation.

Take care of the nausea

A great way to alleviate the troubles of an upset stomach is ginger. A warm cup of ginger tea is a good option for you to consider. Sipping a glass of ginger ale or taking ginger supplements can also give you much-needed relief and help soothe the stomach. 

To ensure your organ health is not affected by alcohol, it is important for regular consumers to get an alcohol risk assessment done.

While drinking in moderation won’t necessarily harm you, it is important to drink responsibly. So here’s hoping your first hours of 2020 won’t be spent battling a hangover. But if you do find yourself hungover, now you know what to do. Cheers!

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