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Life Saved on Time: Dengue Fever Treated On mfine


On mfine, we have stories that highlight the necessity for on-demand healthcare where quality comes first.

Most of you might have this notion that acute conditions always require a hospital visit. This isn’t the case for all medical conditions.

Non-emergency health concerns can be addressed through digital space. One such medical condition that we treated on mfine was dengue. The patient was 64 years old, female with a known history of hypothyroidism and arthritis. She had high fever, chills, loss of appetite, and complained about frequent, dark urine.

Our team of doctors advised her to get a blood test done. The results showed that she was dengue positive. Through mfine, doctors were able to monitor and manage her condition closely while she rested and recuperated at home.

“Thank you so much for the continuous care. I’m glad technology is helping us improving the quality of healthcare too. I am proud of mfine and the doctor team.”

– Sulochana Devi

On Mfine, we have many such stories that highlight the necessity for on-demand healthcare where quality comes first. Our care team as well as the physician from Femiint hospital did a phenomenal job, while Mfine app helped them with continuous monitoring, proactive intervention at the right time. For the family, it’s a relief to know that someone they trust is watching over their loved one — along with high-quality clinical diagnosis and treatment.


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