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6 Health Check-Ups Every Working Millennial Should Go For

Binish Ahmed

Regular check-ups are a step toward living a healthier & happy life.

A working millennial’s life is indeed like a roller coaster. With your deadlines, meetings, and relationships, going to the doctor may be the last thing on your mind. But always remember that regular check-ups will not only prevent health complications but your life in the long run as well. 

Here are some common health check-ups every millennial should get at least once a year: 

Dental screening

Bad oral health not only causes teeth and gum problems but can also lead to serious ailments such as heart diseases and pregnancy complications. Keep in mind that oral health is a window to your overall health. A dental examination can prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, bacterial build-up, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, and even cancer. It is important to visit your dentist twice a month for routine check-ups and cleaning.

Blood pressure screening

This test determines the pressure in your arteries when your heart pumps blood. The higher the pressure on your arteries, the more strained they become. Over time, this strain can either clog or weaken your arteries leading to heart attack, stroke, and even dementia. Ideal blood pressure should be 120/80 mm Hg. Numbers lower or higher can depict a health problem. Go for a blood pressure check once or twice a month, according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Diabetes check

Since its symptoms are easy-to-miss, diabetes is often called the silent killer. The test is usually done after a 12-hour fasting period. Reading below 99 is normal, between 100-110 suggests pre-diabetes, and higher than 110 means you’re a diabetic. If diabetes remains undiagnosed or untreated, it can lead to severe complications like retinopathy, coronary heart disease & kidney failure. With our modern lifestyles, it is a must to get your blood glucose checked regularly.

Vitamin D test

You may appear healthy, but chances are you might have a vitamin D deficiency. People who work indoors for hours and don’t expose themselves to sunlight enough become deficient in vitamin D. One more reason is that many Indians are vegetarians and the food sources of vitamin D are of animal origin. If you get sick more often, have constant fatigue or hair loss, it is high time you get a vitamin D test done.

Thyroid test

Did you know that 1 in 10 Indians have hypothyroidism? The signs of a thyroid disorder may be silent. But the truth is that certain thyroid disorders such as weight fluctuations, hair loss, fatigue, and menstrual changes can disrupt your life. If you are exhibiting any of these signs, schedule a thyroid test as soon as possible. This ailment is not curable but can be maintained. 

STD assessment

If you have an active sex life or go for unprotected sex, regular STD tests are a must for you. Certain sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, herpes, and scabies are infectious and can spread through touch. They can cause serious and permanent difficulties and one should never take STDs lightly. STD detection can be tricky as they may show obvious symptoms or none at all. Go for health check-ups if you experience pain during sex, sores on the genitals, painful urination, unlikely discharge or pain in the lower abdomen.

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